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Destin Solar Guide

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Destin Solar Professionals

Solar is one of the most durable and fastest expanding sectors for residential, commercial, and utility customers. Solar systems may add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your house while saving you money on utilities. Solar technology has evolved to generate more energy with less surface area and less starting cost.  Just like countless others across the USA,  Destin, FL homeowners are discovering the advantages of solar energy. Everyone is waking up to the advantages of solar power, whether to reduce our effect on the planet, become energy independent, save money, or achieve financial freedom.

Destin, Florida, renowned for being part of the “Emerald Coast,” its white-sand beaches, and the moniker “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” is a family-friendly destination. With over 220 days of sunshine and milder winters, this seaside town is ideal for harvesting the sun’s energy. Destin is an excellent location for solar panels for a variety of reasons. To begin, the city receives abundant natural sunshine, which means the panels produce more electricity. Additionally, Florida is a net metering state.

Destin Florida Solar Panels

A New Kind of Solar Company in Destin, FL

As a Destin solar company, we were established because previous solar businesses lacked the vision and desire to extend what solar could offer to consumers. Lack of knowledge about what solar can accomplish and how much it can cost frequently deters customers. Solar has always been a new and premium commodity only accessible to those who could afford it. Today, advances in solar component technology and installation prices have made solar an attractive investment for everyone. At the same time, utility costs continue to rise quickly. Our Destin solar company believes that everyone who lives in an area with high solar potential may benefit from purchasing solar.

Leaders in Destin solar panel installation, Powerbill Solutions has been a pioneer in solar integration installation methods and using cutting-edge technologies. Our years of knowledge and experience set us apart from the various newcomers to the solar industry.  And unlike our competition we can show you ways to expand your savings.  For example, did you know that residents in Destin do not have to pay any property taxes or sales taxes on solar energy installations?  It’s true! These incentives can make it very easy to install solar panels while saving you money on potential taxes (please consult your tax adviser).

Most solar businesses will spend tens of thousands of dollars to reach consumers who don’t understand much about solar technology.  This way, they can sell consumers a product at a very high price that may fall short on promises. This is why it’s important to hire a Destin solar panel company that will earn your confidence by being open and honest with customers about what solar can accomplish for them and what to anticipate while saving thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars over other national solar estimates.

Powerbill Solutions strives to be what a consumer should look for in a Destin solar company.

We have been trusted to properly size solar systems, which is essential to system performance and budget. When clients put solar panels on their homes in Destin, they increase the value of their property. You will be happy to learn that residents in Destin may net meter with their utility (Gulf Power and CHELCO) to get energy credits that can be used to lower their electric bills.

Furthermore, Destin solar consumers may get a 30% federal tax credit until 2022. The tax credit effectively reduces the contract price by 30%, making the system’s net cost 74% of the contract price. This enables net-metered solar consumers to afford battery-backed solar systems. If you live in Destin and pay federal taxes, you may be eligible for the Federal Investment Tax Credit, which may cover up to 26 percent of the cost of a solar energy system you buy.

In case you’re wondering, Net metering is a word that relates to the practice of selling any surplus energy generated by your best solar panels back to the utility grid. Therefore, if it is a very bright day and you are not at home, your solar panels will almost certainly produce an excess of electricity. This additional energy will be sent into the grid. Credit your electric utility account for each kilowatt-hour generated. Thus, not only are you lowering the quantity of energy you use from the grid, but you’re also cutting your bill! You may have a zero-balance electricity bill or even a negative balance.


Frequently Asked Questions About Destin Solar

Will my solar system work if the grid goes down in Destin?

This answer has recently changed. With Enphase IQ8 microinverters and solar modules, we can generate energy without using the grid. We need a battery backup system coupled with our solar array if we want true battery backup power 24/7. For dependability, capability, and standby generator integration, Powerbill Solutions recommends Enphase Ensemble battery backup.

So, how much does a grid-tied solar system for lowering my energy bill cost?

Solar is a highly customized product that requires meticulous attention to detail. Shade-producing items, such as trees, may affect the functioning of a solar system. Utility net-metering agreements may vary significantly in terms of their compatibility with solar and solar energy credits. Assuming a retail net-metering policy is in place, and the system is deployed in a full-sun region, consumers may anticipate paying 165-180 times their monthly average power bill before financing. When the Federal Investment Tax Credit is taken into account, a customer may usually anticipate paying 125-135 times their current electricity bill for the net cost of the finished system before financing. We estimate that the client will pay for the system in 8-10 years, depending on the rate of utility rate inflation, which is anticipated to outpace previous years.

Are batteries a worthwhile solar system investment?

Solar with battery backup is presently a prohibitively costly alternative when compared to grid electricity. Battery costs continue to decline while whole-home battery integration becomes less complex. Batteries are not all made equal. Our solar technology enables solar to generate even when the battery is completely charged in a power loss. This is noteworthy since it is presently the only technology capable of throttling output to suit consumer demand while avoiding damage to the batteries.

Additionally, the Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery chemistry is a heat-tolerant and low-maintenance chemistry accessible in the Ensemble system. Certain utilities are beginning to contract with customers who install battery backup systems, allowing them to tap into stored energy during times of high demand on the grid. This enables consumers who collaborate with such utilities to get a significant return on their battery investment via extra usage. Due to the high cost of purchasing or producing electricity at peak demand, this is a developing and appealing option for grid operators and utilities throughout the country. Battery backup solutions are anticipated to become more prevalent shortly than generators.