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Commercial Water Pumping

Lower operating expenses by significantly reducing fuel, maintenance, and labor costs.

A Practical Solution For Pumping At Remote Locations

Remote water pumping is one of the most practical and cost-effective uses of solar energy today. Water is necessary for crops, livestock, farms and ranches. The water source for these locations is primarily underground requiring the use of water pumps.

Solar power provides an economical way to efficiently operate large and small pumps in remote areas with reduced exposure to lightning. These systems are relatively maintenance free.

Solar power systems designed for water pumping have no moving parts, other than the pump. When the sun shines, the system pumps water.

Typically water requirements peak in the summer months when free available energy from the sun is most abundant.

The solar arrays can often be mounted on a body of water that the water pump is feeding from or to.  Where exact water volumes are critical, a secondary generator can be employed to ensure operation even on days when solar resources are unavailable.

Solar powered pumping systems also substantially lower operating costs by significantly reducing fuel, maintenance, and labor costs. Recent improvements in solar technology along with significant price reductions have made even large scale solar water pumping projects practical. Remote systems using pumps up to 120 HP or greater can be upgraded from diesel power to clean and cost-effective solar energy.

Pumping systems can be Grid-Tied or off grid.

Solar water pumping systems have a myriad of uses in:

  • Agriculture
  • Nurseries
  • Factories
  • Maintain and supply water towers
  • Drive small or large electric pumps

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