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Swimming Pool Heating Systems

With a Solar Swimming Pool Heating system, pools are heated using nature’s heater, the sun.

“Great News for a hot pool” “No muss, no fuss, just warm pool water”

Running a pool heater is expensive due to the need for electric heat pumps or gas requiring large amounts of KWH’s or BTU’s to operate properly. Powerbill Solutions approach to heating pools significantly less gas or electricity to heat the pool.  The customer can have photovoltaic solar to produce electricity and pool heating modules in the same solar array. The solar PV modules go on top of the pool heating modules. This process makes the solar PV modules more efficient and prevents the sun from degrading the life of the pool heating modules. Because of this solar pool heating systems in this case also come with a 25-year product warranty as they are made from marine grade materials and engineered aluminum thermal collectors for solar modules. This option will never cause roof damage or leak pool water onto your roof like conventional vinyl pool heater systems!

One other popular and interesting option for solar pool heating customers is to capture the waste heat from the air conditioner and discharging it into the pool with a Free Pool Heater from Powerbill Solutions. In this case we make the air conditioner run more efficiently and with less stress by putting a secondary heat exchanger onto the air conditioner system and running pool water through the heat exchanger to capture the heat generated by the air conditioner and returning it to the pool. As a result, customers who choose this wallet friendly option save up to 40% on their cooling costs and receive a Free Pool Heater! They also experience longer lasting air conditioning systems and less system maintenance! This option is a fantastic idea for customers with tall trees surrounding their property or with family members not wanting to see solar modules in indiscreet locations.

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