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Tampa Solar Guide

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Why Go for Solar Power in Tampa?

Tampa residents may find that while going solar may be an easy choice, actually purchasing it may be a little more difficult.  Whether it is for your home, or your business or any other practical purpose, ensuring cost-efficiency is of the highest priority. In order to clear up the confusion and reservations you may have regarding solar power, a knowledgeable solar consultant like Powerbill Solutions can help you make sense of it all.

Going solar in Tampa is not just about the environment or saving the planet. Yes, the burden on the resources of earth decreases by using solar energy, and that’s great.  But adding solar systems to your home or business can increase their value and could assist you  in saving money on utility costs. In addition to this, the tax benefits make the deal on solar panels even more appealing.  In fact, studies have shown that adding a solar energy system can raise the value of your home by up to 20 times the annual electric bill!

The financial benefits of solar are not the same in every city across the country.  Tax incentives, net-metering and other programs can vary from state to state and city to city.  It’s smart to know the advantages of solar power in your specific location.  There are many more advantages of solar power that the residents of Tampa can make use of.

Tax Benefits of Solar in Tampa

First, it’s important to know that Tampa solar customers qualify for a generous 30% federal tax credit offered by the federal government.   This is of the total cost of your solar system and the credit should be checked year to year as it may change. Powerbill Solutions has played a major role in helping its customers enjoy this 30% federal tax credit after going solar. This aforementioned tax credit also  allows you to counterbalance the costs of your battery back-up solar systems. Additionally, with the help of this credit benefit, your net costs of solar power are reduced significantly as a result of which you can obtain a higher return with your net -metered solar system.,

The best part of it all is that Tampa Solar customers  also pay no property taxes or sales taxes on solar installations.  Yes, you, the resident of Tampa Florida, have a 100% sales tax exemption for the new solar system.  As per the Florida Department of Revenue “Florida Law exempts from sales and use tax solar energy systems and all components of such systems.”

Speaking on the subject of taxes, with respect to property, homeowners who purchase and implement a solar energy system can take advantage of a property tax exemption called the “Property Tax Abatement for Renewable Energy.”  This incentive provides a 100% property tax exemption for residential and 80% tax abatement for non-residential.

Tampa Solar Impact on Property Values

As mentioned earlier, adding a solar energy system to your home can raise the value of your home by up to 20 times the annual electric bill. Keeping this in mind, when considering buying a home in Tampa, it is an ultimate fact that the residential area that provides free electricity for the next few decades would hold a higher value than a similar house that does not include this feature. Solar power is the ultimate key behind this increase in property value. No doubt, if you add solar to your residence, the increase in value percentage of your house may quadruple, WITHOUT even entailing any property tax.

Tampa Net Metering

Do not be confused by the term Net-metering. In simple terms, Net Metering allows for your electric meter to run backwards when excessive energy is produced. What this means is that if your house generates more power than the amount that is being utilized, then your meter will run backwards thus saving you a lot of hefty costs. Best of all, Tampa solar customers can net meter with their utility to get energy credits to reduce their electric bill.

If you take advantage of net-metering in Tampa you would not be alone.  Around 60,000 residents and business owners in Florida take part in rooftop solar that gives them a credit for the extra energy they produce.  Currently, in Tampa, net metering is available through Tampa Electric (TECO energy). TECO is responsible for having the highest percentage of installed solar as of 2019. So what better way to start your solar journey than to initiate it with the help of PowerBill Solutions?

Tampa Power Outages

Tampa, much like other cities in Florida, is bound to face power outages that are as a result of severe weather conditions. Usually in these situations the grid goes down. Lucky for you, however, with the help of battery back-up based solar systems, you do not have to worry about any power outages. Having a solar system with a battery back-up can help ease the stress when these incidents occur.      Using Enphase IQ8 microinverters paired with your solar modules, you can produce electricity from the sun without actually having grid power.  Need a true back-up battery system for power on demand at all hours?  For that, you would need a battery back-up system coupled with your solar array.  Powerbill Solutions can help you make the right choice.  For example, for reliability and capability we recommend the Enphase Ensemble battery-backup.  You can even integrate it with your stand-by generator.

Tampa Solar Costs

Solar costs vary in the market by a significant amount as there are a lot of determinants of these costs. Along with the size of your home, power usage and even the availability of solar incentives, along with many other factors, are huge contributors towards estimating the solar cost. The good news is however that  Florida has some generous solar incentives, which makes Tampa one of the most affordable places to make the switch to solar. Even with the varying costs of solar in the market,  Powerbill Solutions has gained a loyal following because we can actually save you thousands, if not tens-of-thousands on solar power installation when compared to the quotes of the national solar companies.   Our best advice for figuring out solar costs in Tampa?  Get a quote from Powerbill Solutions.  Unlike our competitors, we won’t pressure you into technology you don’t need.