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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any other benefits besides heating and air conditioning?

The heated water from a geothermal system can be used to heat water heater tanks or preheat water heater tanks, resulting in further cost savings.

What is the reason for the pipe?

Geothermal Heating and air conditioning is accomplished by passing heated or cooled water through a series of underground polyethylene pipes. The heated or cooled water transfers the energy from the water to the earth. The heat transfer system is achieved through the water and the ground.

What is the most expensive part of installing geothermal heating and air conditioning?

The most expensive part of installation is the excavation and installation of polyethylene tubing. The pipe can be laid either vertically or horizontally underground or in a lake or constantly wet pond. The system used in the laying of the required pipe is the biggest factor in cost. Let Powerbill Solutions sit with you and analyze what would be the most cost effective system to meet your energy needs.

Does Powerbill Solutions do the whole range of geothermal installations?

Powerbill solutions self performs all of the geothermal loop installations using industry state of the art equipment for the geothermal ground loop which lowers the cost from other geothermal quotes significantly and provides access to more property space for proposed installations.

Solar Installation

Can installation charges be financed?

Powerbill Solutions LLC is able to assist in securing financing for the installation of solar systems usually on a 12 year note.  Financing can be cheaper than paying an electric bill.  Financing eventually allows you to own your electricity.

Is the cost of installation very expensive?

There are many facets relating to cost with the installation of renewable energy systems. In addition to the products themselves and the reduction in KWH usage, there are installation costs as determined by the system to be installed. With the experience Powerbill Solutions has acquired over the years, cost reductions in installation has been achieved in certain areas, such as in some of the installations of Geothermal Heating and Air systems. Powerbill Solutions has found and designed a more economical way to install some systems that will save the customer money.  Powerbill solutions can install geothermal systems in most customer’s yard space.

Powerbill Solutions utilizes only equipment and components that are made in America. This ensures that the products are of the highest quality and will perform as required. It also means that it is easier to get help if a problem should occur.

How can these costs be reduced and by how much?

Powerbill Solutions has taken a holistic approach to solving customer energy demands and costs for homes and businesses. Before a solution is recommended, we review past energy usage to determine where potential cost savings can be applied. With proper analysis, the most efficient and effective methods utilizing renewable energy will result in a practical and cost effective energy savings plan.

Solar Leasing

Will my solar lease change rates during the lease time period?

No, your system is locked into an agreed upon rate by the public utility and is grandfathered in.  Powerbill solutions charges a fixed monthly rate that never changes for leasing the solar equipment during the lease time frame.

If I move will I be able to carry my solar lease with me?

Yes, solar leases are transferrable throughout the state of Florida and possibly in other states.  Your rate may change with the new energy demands of the new home or business.

Can I lease solar storage options or hybrid systems?

Yes, customers have a wide variety of lease options that include forms of battery storage that is scalable and provides off-grid capability.  This may be the most economical way to become independent of the grid.

Does Powerbill Solutions charge for electricity generated?

Absolutely not.  Powerbill Solutions arranges payment terms to be based on the lease of equipment and the capacity of that equipment to produce power or offset power consumption.  Powerbill Solutions does not charge for any extra electricity that the solar may generate beyond the average weather conditions of our Florida climate.

How much will I have to spend out of pocket to have solar if I lease solar?

There is no upfront cost.  The best part about it is the savings are instant upon the commission of the installed system.  Every month savings are realized with a Powerbill Solutions leased system.

How do I find out my monthly cost of leasing solar?

Contact Powerbill Solutions for a calculated cost savings off of your energy use needs.

Do I need to own my home to get a solar lease?

No, you must have approval from the land owner or landlord.  The landlord will need to work with you in the process of setting up a solar lease agreement because it is Powerbill Solutions equipment on someone else’s property.