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Residential Photovoltaic Systems (PV)

There’s a reason Florida is called the Sunshine State. With so many beautiful days available to us, wouldn’t it make sense to harness the sun’s power to meet your electricity needs?

Is Your Home Ready For Solar?

Photovoltaic solar panels (PV) are the electricity generating panels that are common on rooftops or on ground mounted arrays and are normally synchronized with the grid. The grid being the electric companies that provide power to households and businesses. This system is referred to as Grid-Tied Solar.

When solar panels are connected to the grid, it means that during the sunny part of the day, electricity is being supplied to the home and grid by the panels.  When the sun goes down or the panels are in the shade or on an overcast day, electricity is supplied to the home by the power company.

This plan offers the customer the ability to reduce electric costs. A combination of utilizing the grid power during day light hours. The advantage of such a system is that during the electrical generation period during the day, the home owner can receive energy credits from the power company.

Like a Bank Account With Your Power Company

The system works like a bank account with the power company being the bank. Put power into the bank when you don’t need it and withdraw when you do. If you withdraw more electricity than you deposit, the power company will bill you for energy used and the subsequent usage fees and taxes on electricity they supplied.

The benefit of installing this system is lowering the number of KWH’s used from the power company.

This bi-directional flow of the electricity results in an ROI (Return- On- Investment) for the homeowner and is beneficial to both parties.  The customer has reduced the cost of their electricity and the power company has acquired electricity for their distribution that they did not have to generate or purchase.

Calculate Your Savings

Solar Energy Calculator
Based on a typical 5KW system
KW's per day X Days in billing cycle
KW hours per bill cycle X Cost per bill cycle.
Amount per bill cycle X Number of Years

Safe and Affordable

In the event of a power outage, the whole power system for the home is shut down, both from the grid and from the solar panels, even during bright sunny periods.

The panels are shut down for safety reasons to prevent any accidental electricity being sent out of the home towards the power source and cause danger to electrical linesmen restoring power.

If in the event of an outage, power is critical or required, a backup system, a generator, or bank of batteries may be installed in the system.

Additional savings can be realized by taking advantage of federal tax credits of 30%.  In most cases, financing is available for the installation of Solar with monthly payments less than a customer’s power bills.  Some studies have shown that resale home values increase with the installation of various solar systems.  The increased value of a home due to solar installation is not subject to increased property taxes.

These panels generate electricity that is subsequently used by the household. These panels are actively generating electricity during sunny daylight hours, but stop producing at night. Solar systems generally harvest most of their energy during the peak daylight hours of 10 am to 5 pm with hours varying throughout the seasons. When the solar panels are not providing electricity to the home, power from the grid is supplied to loads demanding power. This does not eliminate the total cost of electricity but does reduce or eliminate the number of KWH’s consumed from the utility. Solar photovoltaic modules come with a 25-year production warranty from American manufacturers but may produce much longer.  Residential Photovoltaic systems can be installed and wind engineered for the strongest of winds in a multitude of ways including but not limited to:

  • Rooftop mounted solar (includes terra-cotta roof systems, standing seam metal, TPO flat roofs)
  • Ground mounted solar arrays
  • Pond or lake mounted solar (mounted on a floating interlocking system that you can walk on)
  • Ballast mounted solar (can sit on a flat roof or the bare ground)

Ready To Get Started?

Get a professional in-home estimate absolutely free to see how much you can save on your energy costs. Ask us about our 10% savings guarantee on the cost of electricity purchased from utility companies.