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Gainesville Solar Guide

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Why Solar Power Is Becoming Popular in Gainesville

Solar energy is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors for homeowners, companies, and public utilities. Solar systems may add tens of thousands of dollars to the worth of your house while saving you the money you need to invest in construction for residences or businesses. In recent years solar technology has evolved substantially to generate more energy with fewer requirements for surface area and less initial expenditure.

There are many financial benefits as well.  Tax advantages remained firmly in favor of solar. You will be happy to know that you do not pay property taxes or solar sales tax in Gainesville.

For most homeowners, finding methods to decrease their expenses is an excellent way to save money every month. Solar panels are the most cost-effective way to achieve your saving targets for energy accounts. The prices of installing solar panels are dependent on several variables like household energy usage, sunlight availability, equipment and solar compensation incentives.

Can I Save Money On My Energy Bills?

Gainesville residents are usually served by Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) .  We can analyze your current bill and advise as to what the best solar path is for you and how much you can save.   GRU offers customers who invest in renewable energy by installing solar systems for their home or commercial buildings the ability to interconnect with the GRU electric system and receive credit for the solar energy they do not use.  This also known as net-metering.  At Powerbill Solutions, our goal is to bring clean and affordable energy into people’s lives. With years of experience in the industry, we know that solar panels are the best way to go green and be energy efficient.

Can I Save Money On My Taxes?

Solar customers may be eligible for up to a 30% federal tax credit through 2022 when they go solar with Powerbill Solutions.  The contracted amount for the solar system will effectively reduce up to 30% by the tax credit which essentially makes the net cost of the system 74% of the contract price.  Gainesville solar customers can achieve a high return with their net-metered solar system and afford battery back-up solar systems.

Here are some incentives for Gainesville solar customers:

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC):  A dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of income tax you otherwise pay.  The current extension of the ITC provides a 30% tax credit for systems installed between 2020-2022.  You should note that it is currently set to be reduced to 22% for systems installed in 2023.
  • Sales Tax Exemption:   When purchasing a new rooftop solar system you won’t pay any sales tax in Florida.  Currently, this is 6%.
  • Property Tax Exemptions:  If you were to build an improvement on your home that would normally increase its value, you would normally have to pay extra property tax.  This is not the case with solar due to Florida Renewable Energy Tax Incentives.

Will my solar system provide energy when the grid fails?

The answer to this question has recently changed. We can generate energy from the sun without the current power grid using the Enphase IQ8 micro-inverter combined with your solar modules. If you want a genuine energy-on-demand battery backup system at all times, we have to have a battery backup system linked with your solar panel. Due to the dependability, capability, and standby generator integration option, Powerbill Solutions recommends the Enphase Ensemble battery backup system.

Are my solar system batteries a worthwhile investment?

Solar with battery backup is presently a highly costly alternative compared to grid electricity. Battery costs continue to drop, and battery integration continues to be less complicated. Not all batteries are equal. Even if the battery is ultimately charged in a power loss, the Enphase technology enables the solar to generate. This is noteworthy since it is the only system presently able to produce to satisfy customers’ requirements and not to damage batteries.

Some utilities start contracting with customers who install battery backup systems to obtain stored power for peak demand times from the grid as necessary. This enables clients with such services to get a profitable reimbursement to utilize their battery investment further. Because it is costly for utilities to purchase or generate electricity during high demand, this is an appealing and increasing alternative throughout the nation for grid operators and utilities. It is anticipated that soon, battery backup systems will be more prevalent than generators.

How Much Is Solar In Gainesville?

First, it’s important to remember that solar is a custom product unique to each home.  If you’re getting a “one-size-fits-all” quote on the phone chances are that it may be filled with upcharges later on.  Details like trees or other shade generating objects can affect the complete installation.  Solar pricing has actually been trending down in recent years and with tax incentives currently being offered now may be the best time to buy.

Net metering agreements may differ as far as solar and solar energy credits are considered. If we assume, retail network metering policies are in place and the full sun, we can claim that clients may rely on 165-180 times the typical power bill before funding per month.

If we consider the Federal Investment Tax Credit, a client may often anticipate charging 125-135 times their electricity payment before financing at net cost. Over the system’s lifetime, we may expect to take 8-10 years for the customer to pay off, depending on the rate of inflation in utility rates that have been anticipated to continue in recent years.

We believe that solar should be for everyone.  Because of that belief, Powerbill Solutions is committed to providing cutting-edge solar technology to as many people as possible. That’s why we offer solutions for every budget – talk to us today and see how you can go solar too!

Why Choose Powerbill Solutions For Solar?

We’re experts in installing and maintaining solar panels. Whether you are looking to save money or be more environmentally-friendly, we are here to help.  In fact, Powerbill Solutions is at the forefront of solar and geothermal technology.  We can provide solar solutions to Gainesville customers at a lower price than most big solar companies who have to make up for huge advertising budgets.


You don’t have to pick between fair rates and high quality work if you need solar panels or any of our other professional solar services in Gainesville, Florida. Powerbill Solutions has the experience to get the project completed properly the first time, every time. No hidden fees, no sneaking around, just good work done by decent people right away. Our number one goal is your happiness.

Our unmatched service also comes with matching costs. For just about any written estimate from a licensed and insured competitor, we will match the amount. Our preparation, experience, and productivity mean that, in less time, we can do better work than our rivals.

Many people across the USA and many countries are realizing the benefits of going solar.  Gainesville, Florida is no different.  Whether it be from reducing our impact on earth or to become independent in how we source our energy everyone is waking up to the benefits of solar power.  Gainesville property owners can increase their home’s value with the help of a solar provider like Powerbill Solutions.  Furthermore, saving lots of money and gaining financial independence is a big plus as well!    For example, if you live in Gainesville you do not pay property taxes or solar sales tax on your new solar system.

Are you ready to join the solar revolution?  Contact Powerbill Solutions today!