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Ocala Solar Guide

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Ocala Solar Panels Are Getting Popular

What market is shown to grow at one of the quickest paces in the country?  If you answered “solar” you’d be correct!  Whether for residential housing or commercial buildings solar is gaining steam. For example, in Ocala, Florida, solar panels are gaining popularity because they can save you a lot of money that might be otherwise spent on energy bills. Moreover, it increases the value of your home. Always evolving, solar technology has changed a lot in recent times and has transformed into a more reliable source of energy while keeping the initial cost affordable.

Recently, consumers are realizing the importance and benefits of solar technology not only across the country but in cities within Florida like Ocala. Whatever the reason, this technology can help us to save our planet, and allow us to have an independent source of energy. Not only that, but solar power can also provide you with immense financial benefits too.

Powerbill Solutions wants everyone to take advantage of this technology at an affordable price. We have made advancements in the solar market that no one has done before to make the full potential of solar technology available to everyone. If you are shopping for solar in Ocala, there is no better vendor to call than Powerbill Solutions, from waterproof solar roofs to floating solar and from load-control/load-shedding to solar canopies, Powerbill Solutions is there for you.

Installing Solar May Increase Your Ocala Home’s Value

Once a home is equipped with solar technology, that home has unique benefits that will appeal to many home shoppers in terms of having an energy source that is independent of local power companies like the Ocala Electric Utility.  Many home shoppers are concerned with saving money and would like to save money on their electric bill.  In fact, according to a study done by Zillow, solar panels can increase a home’s value by up to 4.1% more than comparable homes with no solar panels.

Will My Homeowners Association in Ocala Have An Issue with My Solar Panels?

We get this question a lot.  You may not know that Homeowner’s Associations cannot stop Ocala residents from installing solar by .  This is also the case with city ordinances.  This is because of Florida state statute 163.04.  Consult with your attorney to ensure you follow applicable laws.

There Are Financial Incentives Available to Ocala Residents

Did you know that Ocala solar customers may pay no property tax or sales tax on solar installation?  This is a big plus in the decision to go solar.  As well, you may even qualify for other incentives like the Solar Water Heating Rebate offered by the Ocala Electric Utility.  This is in addition to the federal tax credits available. For example, there is a 26% federal tax credit that is available through 2022 for consumers who go solar.  What does this mean for you?  With this tax credit, your net cost of your new solar system will be 74% of the price of the contract!  (Consult with your tax adviser for the most recent tax laws).

Prepare For Severe Storms and Hurricane Season

Let’s face it, Ocala is no stranger to severe weather.  The good news is that Ocala solar customers can couple their solar system with battery back up to prepare for a power outage or hurricane.  Even when the grid is down your solar system can still produce electricity due to the recent advancements in solar technology like pairing with Enphase IQ8 Microinverters. If you are looking for a complete battery backup system,pair it with with your solar array. Powerbill Solutions recommends Enphase Ensemble battery backup systems  because it is reliable and has the ability to work as a standby generator.

What About a Backup Battery System?

Right now, solar plus battery backup will be more expensive that grid power. However, the prices of these backup systems are getting down with the passage of time. The Enphase Ensemble system can let the solar produce energy during the power outage even if the battery is fully charged. This is the only system in the market right now that can give you this option. The batteries of the Ensemble system are made of Lithium Iron Phosphate.  This means that they need no maintenance and offers heat resistance as well.

Moreover, some utility companies are even in contact with people who are using solar systems to provide the extra energy to meet their requirements of the grid during periods of high demand. In return, they are paying a lucrative amount to those savvy customers who partner with the utility. This option will be beneficial for you if you have a backup battery system. In the future, battery backup systems will be very common and may replace generators.

Shopping For an Ocala Solar Vendor

Beware of large corporate outfits that are not from the state of Florida.  These companies usually spend a lot of money in advertising as lead generators in hopes of over-selling and under-delivering.  Some have even taken to robo-calling!  This is not the case when you call Powerbill Solutions. We build trust with our customers by making them understand what solar technology can do and what you can expect from it. In the meantime, we give our customers more competitive and affordable prices that they can compare to the other solar companies. In some instances, the savings are in the thousands of dollars!

We love solar and believe in it.  This is why we have a satisfied customer base that refers others to us, and that’s how we grow our company better and stronger.