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Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning

Geothermal heating and air conditioning is very cost-effective, resulting in the saving of KWH’s used and money spent.

“The Real Money Saver in renewable energy”

Geothermal Heating and Air is a totally separate renewable energy system and does not use solar panels or thermal solar heating panels. Geothermal heating and air conditioning is very cost-effective, resulting in the saving of KWH’s used and money spent.

Geothermal heating and air conditioning applies to commercial as well as residential applications with more and more commercial businesses going to this system since the direct savings and ROI are substantial. This system results in lower KWH’s used, more efficient heat transfer, and shorter run times to bring the air space to desired temperature.  All this means significantly lower energy demands and real month to month savings in the customer’s wallet.

The most demanding electrical usage

Generally, the most demanding electrical usage in the home or business is the electric air conditioning unit, followed by an electric water heater (in a home only).

There are various elements involved in the cooling or heating of air for the house or business. The key to the air conditioning and heating of a home or business is the transference of heat, to or from a source that can accept that transference. The normal recipients of this heat and cooling can be the water-saturated outdoor air or earth. The most efficient is earth, since temperatures below ground is generally a constant 68 degrees, unlike the air which varies by the hour of the day and season. The transfer of energy in the ground is achieved through a system of tubing in the ground and the passage of water carrying the heat or cold through that tubing.

Many air specialists make the assertion that conventional air source heat pumps are almost as efficient as ground source heat pumps.  This is true but only in certain situations.  Modern air source heat pumps have become efficient with more efficient condensers.  One of the largest tradeoffs with the increased efficiency is the thinner metal coils that tend to leak or wear out in a shorter period of time because of the pressures exerted by the system.  Today’s conventional air source heat pumps are not designed to last 25 years like an older system might have.  This translates into higher maintenance costs and more business for air specialists but less in the pocket for the customer. 

If a system starts to leak at a certain rate then EPA mandates that that system must be replaced or brought into compliance.  Because an air source heat pump relies on the air temperature to heat and cool the home it becomes less efficient the further the outdoor air temperature moves away from the indoor air temperature.  The air source heat pump efficiency drops dramatically at a temperature of 30 degrees or 100 degrees Fahrenheit verses the optimal outdoor temperature range near 75 degrees Fahrenheit that is used to calibrate their efficiency rating.  Because a ground source heat pump never uses a defrost cycle it never calls for expensive heat strips to be activated and it never forces cold air back into the home.  When you need an air source heat pump to be most efficient comes at a time that it is as least efficient as possible. 

Common Questions Regarding Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning

Are there any other benefits besides heating and air conditioning?

The heated water from a geothermal system can be used to heat water heater tanks or preheat water heater tanks, resulting in further cost savings.

What is the reason for the pipe?

Geothermal Heating and air conditioning is accomplished by passing heated or cooled water through a series of underground polyethylene pipes. The heated or cooled water transfers the energy from the water to the earth. The heat transfer system is achieved through the water and the ground.

What is the most expensive part of installing geothermal heating and air conditioning?

The most expensive part of installation is the excavation and installation of polyethylene tubing. The pipe can be laid either vertically or horizontally underground or in a lake or constantly wet pond. The system used in the laying of the required pipe is the biggest factor in cost. Let Powerbill Solutions sit with you and analyze what would be the most cost effective system to meet your energy needs.

Does Powerbill Solutions do the whole range of geothermal installations?

Powerbill solutions self performs all of the geothermal loop installations using industry state of the art equipment for the geothermal ground loop which lowers the cost from other geothermal quotes significantly and provides access to more property space for proposed installations.

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