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Solar Leasing

Benefits from locked-in lower utility rates instantly without financing or spending a large amount of money to own your electrical means of production.

How can I get electricity to my country mountain home or the cottage at the lake?

Powerbill Solutions offers solar leasing.  Solar leasing is an arrangement that allows customers to lease energy offsetting or energy generating equipment that may or may not be grid tied at a fixed monthly rate that saves you money.  The savings come instantly as soon as the system is commissioned.  There is no upfront payment or tax credit involved.  Solar leasing can vary in many combinations.  Powerbill Solutions offers lease terms on grid tied solar, solar and battery systems, solar thermal panels, solar water heating equipment, geothermal, and solar pool heating.  Basically, anything we can install sold we offer competitive lease terms on.

With solar leasing customers experience the benefits of locked in lower utility rates instantly without financing or spending a large amount of money to own their electrical means of production.  All of the lease options offer instant monthly savings off of your utility bills.  The monthly savings depends on the combination of systems that are installed in the home.  Geothermal and solar can give some customers lease savings of up to 30% off their monthly utility bills.  Solar can be installed on the ground or on the roof to experience savings.  Lease terms follow the customer wherever they move within the state of Florida and possibly to other states as well.  Lease agreements allow for cost of moving a project if need be.

Solar leasing presents the customer with the option of paying Powerbill Solutions for energy generating equipment monthly rather than the utility.  For instance, if a customer had a $250 average electric bill monthly that customer could pay Powerbill Solutions $190 monthly for leasing a solar array and the utility the balance of the bill plus the interconnect fee of usually $8-11 for a total cost of possibly more or less of $225 monthly.  These savings are instant and grow throughout the years!  A customers utility bill may reach $340 five years from now but solar leasing through Powerbill Solutions allows customers to be locked in for consuming the same amount of power but instead of a supposed rate of $340 they now pay $225.  The savings grow year by year as inflation causes energy prices to go up and municipalities to demand more money for public spending.  If you’re considering solar and can’t afford the upfront cost don’t let this option slip through your hands.  The utilities have to grandfather you into the rates that you can get with an agreement today but tomorrow the solar leasing options may not be as attractive as these lease options become popular.  If you do not want to be grid tied then Powerbill Solutions leases scalable solar storage systems and geothermal systems to feed the energy needs of any home or business.

Common Questions Regarding Solar Leasing

Will my solar lease change rates during the lease time period?

No, your system is locked into an agreed upon rate by the public utility and is grandfathered in.  Powerbill solutions charges a fixed monthly rate that never changes for leasing the solar equipment during the lease time frame.

If I move will I be able to carry my solar lease with me?

Yes, solar leases are transferrable throughout the state of Florida and possibly in other states.  Your rate may change with the new energy demands of the new home or business.

Can I lease solar storage options or hybrid systems?

Yes, customers have a wide variety of lease options that include forms of battery storage that is scalable and provides off-grid capability.  This may be the most economical way to become independent of the grid.

Does Powerbill Solutions charge for electricity generated?

Absolutely not.  Powerbill Solutions arranges payment terms to be based on the lease of equipment and the capacity of that equipment to produce power or offset power consumption.  Powerbill Solutions does not charge for any extra electricity that the solar may generate beyond the average weather conditions of our Florida climate.

How much will I have to spend out of pocket to have solar if I lease solar?

There is no upfront cost.  The best part about it is the savings are instant upon the commission of the installed system.  Every month savings are realized with a Powerbill Solutions leased system.

How do I find out my monthly cost of leasing solar?

Contact Powerbill Solutions for a calculated cost savings off of your energy use needs.

Do I need to own my home to get a solar lease?

No, you must have approval from the land owner or landlord.  The landlord will need to work with you in the process of setting up a solar lease agreement because it is Powerbill Solutions equipment on someone else’s property.