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Panama City Solar Guide

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Powerbill Solutions aims to provide a wide variety of solar services for customers in Panama City, Panama City Beach and surrounding areas (like Lynn Haven). We deal directly with individual homeowners, businesses and utilities to add tens of thousands of dollars to your home’s value all while saving you money that you must spend to occupy a residential or commercial building.  At Powerbill Solutions, we take pride in being the #1 solar installation company in Panama City. We offer residents a tax-free solar installation with a 30-year lifespan.

Why Solar?

We pride ourselves on providing competent, effective, and experienced solar services in Panama City.   Solar technology has improved significantly in recent years to produce more energy with less surface area needed and less initial investment.  In addition there are tax incentives that favor solar which favors states like Florida with ample sunlight.  Whether it be from reducing our impact on earth or to become independent in how we source our energy or saving lots of money and gaining financial independence everyone is waking up to the benefits of solar power.  Take control of your electricity bill today and enjoy competitive prices from Powerbill Solutions. With no property taxes or sales taxes for solar installations, you can rest easy knowing that this is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

Why Should I Choose Powerbill Solutions?

When other solar companies lacked the vision to properly communicate the practical advantages of solar to consumers, Powerbill Solutions was able to fill that need with solar and geothermal consultation at an affordable price.  For a while, solar may have been a luxury product that was only available to the affluent, but the technology of today has reduced pricing enough to make it a worthwhile investment for most.  In order to take advantage of these new benefits, however, customers should be wary of new entrants into the marketplace.

Most solar companies spend a lot of money on advertising trying to get in touch with customers that aren’t sophisticated on the complexities of solar.  They then try to sell them a product at a very expensive price with over-inflated promises.   In contrast, we have years of experience serving Florida markets like Panama City and have gained the trust of our customers by being upfront and using a consultative approach.  While doing so, we can usually provide quotes that are thousands of dollars cheaper than our competitors who have to pay for large ad budgets.

What Kind of Products Does Powerbill Solutions Sell?

We use premium Tier 1 Solar Modules and Enphase microinverters for a reliable, efficient system.  It’s powerful, but it’s also cost-efficient.  In fact, Powerbill Solutions has been trusted time and time again to correctly size solar systems which is critical to system performance and maintaining the proper budget when choosing solar.

Enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy

We offer Gulf Power and Duke customers in Panama City a chance to net meter, so they can produce energy on their own and offset their electric bill. This is perfect for those who want to offset their carbon footprint while taking back control of their electric bill.  Installing a solar system for your home has never been easier. Our experienced technicians will ensure your system is installed properly and pay no property tax on installation.

Be Hurricane Ready

Pair our solar installation with a battery back up to be prepared for storms. We’ll increase the value of your home and offer better energy rates!  Since Panama City is susceptible to hurricanes, it’s wise to be prepared with an alternate energy source that can be used at any time without relying on the power grid.



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