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Thomasville, GA Solar Guide

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Thinking Of Going Solar In Thomasville, Georgia?

Thomasville is a rapidly growing city and many new homeowners and business owners are looking for ways to reduce their dependence on the local electrical grid while helping the environment.  While solar can provide energy savings over time, smart homeowners can use solar to further increase their home’s value in the hot Thomasville real estate market.  Solar panels are safe and reliable while a battery back-up system can provide peace of mind during severe weather.

Thomasville Solar Customer Can Net Meter With Their Local Utility

 What is net metering?  Net metering is when an electric utility provider lets you, the solar panel owner, sell back excess power to the grid.  You would then receive a credit on your utility bill.  This credit reduces the total net electricity you would purchase from the utility provider.  This can result in substantial savings, especially during times of peak energy consumption.

In Thomasville, you would enter into a distributed generation agreement with Thomasville Utilities.  Using solar energy can affect your electric rate and your service so it’s important to discuss this agreement first.  With rising electricity costs, Thomasville residents can see a return on investment pretty quickly.

Thomasville Solar Customers Increase Their Home’s Value When They Install Solar

Home values in Thomasville, GA have seen a healthy rise over the least few years.  The median list price of homes in Thomasville, GA was $219,000 in August 2021, going up 12.8% year-over-year.  A recent Zillow analysis showed that, on average, solar panels increase a home’s value by 4.1%.  Given the median list price of a Thomasville home, that’s a boost of nearly $10,000 according to the study.  Best of all this does not take into account the added tax benefits and savings provided by going solar.

With new solar technologies and rebates from state and federal governments this is a great time to add solar to your home’s equity arsenal.  In fact, as per the U.S. Department of Energy/NREL, home values increase $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills!  So a solar system which will save you $400 per year may also add around $8,000 to the value of your home.  Another survey by Sharp Electronics Corp. Found that 8 of 10 Americans preferred builders who offered solar power as an option for new home shopping considerations.  Interestingly enough, 50% of those surveyed agreed that paying 10% more for the house that was solar equipped was worth it.

Be Prepared For A Power Outage Or Severe Weather

Thomasville may not be as impacted by hurricanes as our Floridian friends to the south but it is no stranger to severe weather.  However, powerful storms like Hurricane Hermine in 2016 did leave a lasting impact on Thomasville residents.  During that storm 7,700 Thomasville Utility customers lost power and many of them did not get their electricity back for several days.  Thomasville’s tornado index also is above the U.S. average by about 30%.

With this in mind, it’s important to plan for these events in case the grid goes down for hours or days. Thomasville solar customers can install battery back-up with their solar system to be prepared for a power outage.  When shopping for a solar plus battery back-up system chosing the right vendor can mean the difference in paying thousands of dollars.

While battery prices continue to come down in price, not all batteries are created equal.  For example, Powerbill Solutions uses Enphase’s Ensemble system.  This system will allow for the solar to produce energy even when you have a fully charged battery during a power outage.  Why is this special?  Currently, this is the only system which will throttle production to meet the needs of the customer while not harming the batteries.

Ready To Reduce Your Energy Bill?

While there are many benefits to going solar in terms of home price appreciation and tax benefits, most customers are looking to reduce their energy bills.  Thomasville Utility customers enjoy pretty fair rates compared to the country or state average.  However, lowering your electric bill, especially during the dog-days of summer, is something many homeowners wish to explore.

While Thomasville Utilities can offer energy audits to check for leaks or inneficient systems, Powerbill Solutions can offer an audit to your actual energy bill to show you in real dollars and cents how solar can save you money.  It is through these energy-bill analysis that many customers see the true benefit of solar and we can calculate the return investment timeframe.

How To Choose Your Thomasville Solar Provider

It’s a harsh reality that solar companies have gotten a bad rap in recent days.  Many solar companies spend so much money on advertising and lead generation that they have to make it up on the retail end through customer pricing.  Even worse, many solar companies may not even be from anywhere near Thomasville, GA.  It’s important to choose a local vendor like Powerbill Solutions that can service your account during and after the sale.  Powerbill Solutions is based in Tallahassee, a mere 30 miles away.

Our best advice?  Get solar quotes in writing from a solar vendor that approaches solar through a consultative approach.  Powerbill Solutions does not only sell solar panels but is also experts at installation as well.  We can analyze any shade producing obstacles and position systems for maximum impact.  Furthermore, by using premium tier 1 solar modules and Enphase microinverters we ensure a reliable, efficient, cost-effective system.