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Lake City Solar Guide

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Why Go Solar In Lake City?

Are you shopping for solar in Lake City, Florida for your home, your business or any other practical purpose?  You probably have a lot of questions in regards to this fast growing market.  Luckily, a knowledgeable solar consultant like Powerbill Solutions can help you make sense of it all.  You may have heard that solar systems can add tens of thousands of dollar’s to your home’s value while saving you money on utility costs.  This is true, and tax benefits are also becoming more prevalent as well.  We are all becoming a little more environmentally conscious.  Decreasing your impact on the earth’s resources is another great benefit of solar.  These are just a few of the many benefits of solar that Lake City residents are taking advantage of right now.

Tax Benefits of Solar in Lake City

Did you know that Lake City solar customers can qualify for the Federal Investment tax credit for up to 26% of the cost of their solar system?  It’s true.  Powerbill Solutions has helped customers enjoy the a 26% federal tax credit (through 2022) when they go solar.  Essentially, the contracted amount for their solar system is reduced by 26% making your net cost 74% of the contract price!  By doing so, you’re achieving a bigger return with your net -metered solar system.  Best of all, this allows you to offset the cost of battery back-up solar systems.

Also, Lake City solar customers pay no property taxes or sales taxes on solar installations.  Yes, right now in Lake City, Florida you have a 100% sales tax exemption for the new solar system.  As per the Florida Department of Revenue “Florida Law exempts from sales and use tax solar energy systems and all components of such systems.”

In regards to property taxes, homeowners who purchase and implement a solar energy system can take advantage of a property tax exemption called the “Property Tax Abatement for Renewable Energy.”  This incentive provides a 100% property tax exemption for residential and 80% tax abatement for non-residential.

Solar Impact on Property Values in Lake City

Lake City’s home values have been increasing well over the past few years. In fact, according to Zillow, average values have increased 24% from 2020 to 2021 alone.  Yet, many homeowners are worried about the effects of solar on their home’s value.  According to this CNBC article, solar panels in a home can increase a home’s value by up to 4.1% more than comparable homes without them.  In Florida, that amounts to nearly $10,000 for the median-value home!  This rise in equity is in addition to the savings off utility bills during the lifetime of the home.

Lake City Net-Metering

 You may have heard of the term net-metering.  But what is it exactly and can it be done in Lake City? Florida Power and Light (FPL) has a net meeting program which allows homeowners to install and connect solar energy systems to the grid and receive credit for the energy produced by that system.  FPL will provide money back for extra credits not used through the course of the year.  This can mean money back in your pocket straight from the power company!   Still have questions?  Don’t worry.  Powerbill Solutions can help guide you through this entire process.

Never Worry About a Lake City Power Outage Again

Like other Florida cities, Lake City will be prone to outages caused by sever weather when the grid goes down.  Having a solar system with a battery back-up can help ease the stress when these incidents occur.  Using Enphase IQ8 microinverters paired with your solar modules, you can produce electricity from the sun without actually having grid power.  Need a true back-up battery system for power on demand at all hours?  For that, you would need a battery back-up system coupled with your solar array.  Powerbill Solutions can help you make the right choice.  For example, for reliability and capability we recommend the Enphase Ensemble battery-backup.  You can even integrate it with your stand-by generator.

Lake City Solar Costs

In regards to cost it’s important to remember that solar is a custom product which is not “one-size-fits-all.”  The amount of trees and foliage surrounding a structure can impact the performance of a solar system.  Net-metering agreements will also vary from city to city as well.  Usually, after factoring the Federal Investment Tax Credit, a customer can expect to pay 125-135 times what their power bill is for a net-cost of the complete system (before financing).

Not all solar companies in the Lake City market will price the same.  Some national corporate outfits spend millions on advertising that must be recouped by overcharging.  It’s important to consult with solar consultants like Powerbill Solutions who believe in solar and want to educate the consumer on what’s right for them without over-promising and under-delivering.  Powerbill Solutions has gained a loyal following because we can actually save you thousands, if not tens-of-thousands on when compared to the quotes of the national solar companies.

Lake City Solar Quotes

Powerbill Solutions has a network of satisfied customers.  We don’t skimp on quality either.  Powerbill Solutions always uses premium tier 1 solar modules and Enphase microinverters for a reliable, highly efficient, yet cost-effective system.  Remember, sizing the system correctly is important as that is critical to system performance and maintaining the proper budget.  When we give you a solar quote we make sure to take all of these aspects into account.